Water Resources Engineering

Management and protection of both fresh and estuarine surface waters requires understanding the hydrodynamics of the system and associated chemical and biological processes. Students, who study this type of courses are encouraged and bound to take a broad range of sessional courses providing fundamentals in these areas. This laboratory and related corses provide students the technical expertise and imbibe leadership and ethical qualities to design and execute in Civil engineering Projects. Furthermore, the laboratory helps to demonstrate the soil water relationship and losses in irrigation system, requirements of irrigation water and scheduling. Analysis of hydrologic data for irrigation and flood control. Design of irrigation and drainage canal network.

Our research aims to address the impact of human activities on the environment and design systems to provide safe water, air and land for human habitation.

Related Course Work

CE 466 Water Resources Engineering Sessional

CE 462 Irrigation &Flood Control Sessional

The Laboratory course works helps students to:

  • acquire knowledge on the design of hydraulic structures and irrigation facilit.
  • acquire knowledge on the river training works and well design.
  • Design optimal water use for growing the crops and apply methods for saving land from water logging.
  • Formulate irrigation networks across the country to make itself self-reliant in food grain production.
  • know the design of irrigation and drainage canal network.

Text Books and/or Reference Materials

Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic Structures by Santosh Kumar Garg.

Water Resource Planning & Management by Otto J Helweg

Water Resource Management by Larry W Mays

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