Transportation Engineering

The Transportation Engineering Laboratory in the Department of Civil Engineering at LU provide excellent practical experience and research facilities. The students would be able to know and analyze Bitumen and & its engineering properties, Aggregate & its engineering properties and traffic behavior. The laboratory and related courses will also demonstrate road traffic studies are based on colleting field data and in this process students will learn to design, organize and conduct a traffic survey work and also to conduct work simultaneously and quickly.

Our aim is to provide the knowledge of planning, analysis, design, construction, and management of transport facilities and the materials from which they are built.

Related Course Work

CE 354 Transportation Engineering Sessional I

CE 452 Transportation Engineering Sessional II

The Laboratory course works helps students to:

  • know the physical tests of bituminous materials.
  • know the mechanical tests of road materials.
  • acquire knowledge on strength capacity of road materials.
  • Find out peak hour traffic & peak time for a given location on the road.
  • learn the principles and procedures of testing Concrete and Highway materials and to get hands on experience by conducting the tests and evolving inferences.
  • acquire knowledge on the design various types of pavements.

Text Books and/or Reference Materials

Introduction to Transportation Engineering by William W. Hay John Wiley, New York.

Highway Engineering by Paul H. Wright, Karen Dixon John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Salter. R.I&Hounsell N.B,”Highway Traffic Analysis & design“, Macmillan PressLtd.1996.

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