Leading University is the first private university in Sylhet. Its a reality of my deepest dream from decades. Establishment of Leading University is the greatest work of many other deeds in my life that I could do from the mercy of Allah. To deliver the light of modern higher education in every pace of life, I establish the Leading University in 2001 by means of nominal fee structure. Today Leading University earned the name and fame not only in Sylhet but also in nationwide with the greatest support and love from the people of the country.

Leading University is a non-profit educational institution. So far I am concerned all of the institutions including Leading University are doing very well and carry out their academic activities to the highest degree of perfection and with good reputation in Bangladesh. By the leniency of Allah I also have dream to establish Science & Technology University, more Medical Colleges as well as some schools and colleges in remote area of the country.

I hope these institutions would go further to the international level in the days to come.

Danobir Dr. Syed Ragib AliFounder & Chairman, Board of Trustees, Leading University, Sylhet

The inauguration of Leading University (LU) on the 4th of March 2002 was a landmark in the history of higher education in Bangladesh. Initiation of the higher education operations by Leading University in Sylhet Division opened a new horizon that marked the beginning of quality education in the northeast region of Bangladesh. The university intends to maintain the benchmark of world class education. The university offers eight undergraduate programs and seven graduate programs under four faculties namely Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Arts & Modern Language, Faculty of Modern Science and Faculty of Social Science.

Leading University has already gained its reputation in the job market with respect its quality of education and performed other vibrant activities that would contribute towards development of different corners of the society. Graduates who passed out from this institution are well placed in various responsible positions in the job market and are made significant contributions for the development of the country.

May Almighty Allah enable us to develop Leading University further in the days to come to attain a sustainable growth that would be dedicated to the enlightenment of the people of the region.

Professor Dr. Md. Qumruzzaman ChowdhuryVice-Chancellor, Leading University, Sylhet

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